MINNEAPOLIS - Doctors at HennepinCounty Medical said it's not a matter of "if," but who will arrive at the hospitalthis weekend.

With the temperature set to drop well below zero,the chance of frostbiteincreases.

These days, there's a new group the dangers of cold weather has a grip on: those trying to be cool instead of practical.

"I recently went back and looked at our data for the last three years, and the things that are still true is that it's mostly guys; it's mostly alcohol involved," explained Dr. Anne Lambert.

She said, it's mostly those going "out on the town," wanting to look good who are find themselves at HCMC's burn unit.

"I was one of those guys that would always just wear a sweatshirt," said Joe Cole, who found himself on the burn unit floor last January.

He had a few too many drinks, he didn't have a jacket on and he got stuck outside for hours.

Those who suffer from frostbite are never the same again. Damaged skin becomes even more sensitive to the cold, and in severe cases it can be debilitating.

"If you go in and your hands hurt like crazy and that hurt doesn't go away, you have frostbite. You need to come in and be seen," said Dr. Lambert.

The temp is expected to drop to doubledigits below zero over the weekend, and any exposed skin can be frostbitten within minutes.

Thebest advice is to stay inside. If you have to go outside make sure everything is covered up, and keep the time outside to a minimum.

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