BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. - Even inside, it's been a chilly weekend for residents at a Brooklyn Park apartment complex.

"I turned my oven on and I have a space heater," said Cindy Hodge. "But it's still cold in here."

She's not the only resident that's bundling up. The roughly 150 tenants at the Waterford Estates are without heat. A boiler issue occurred Friday, but was quickly fixed on Saturday. Then an early-Sunday morning power outage knocked it out again.

"I put three blankets on my husband and turned the oven to 400," says Hodge. "It's very frustrating."

Management at the complex says the issue should be fully resolved by Sunday night.

Experts with Standard Heating and Air tell KARE 11 the age of a home and the age of theinsulation will determine how quickly a home cools down after the heat is turned off.

In order to maintain as much warmth as possible if your heat goes out, experts suggest letting sunshine in through windows. If it's cloudy, close blinds and curtains. They also recommend having space heaters on hand just in case.

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