MINNEAPOLIS -On Thursday night Congressman Keith Ellison held a forum on gun violence at Temple Israel in Minneapolis. The event was designed to be a conversation where people could openly talk about their feelings about gun violence or their concerns about gun control and possible changes to laws in the coming weeks and months.

Clearly people wanted to talk about it with their congressman because at this meeting it was standing room only.

Congressman Ellison offered up his thoughts to the crowd saying he was behind the movement to get more laws or more strict laws concerning guns on the books.

But the crowd wasn't all for that, at least two people spoke about how they were afraid all of this gun rhetoric would take away their right to bear arms.

But no one argued with speaker Sami Rahimim.
Sami's father, Rueven was the owner of Accent Signage and he, along with four of his employees were gunned down by disgruntled worker, last September.

"My dad lived the American dream but died the American nightmare. The United States has a dispropprtiate high rate of gun violence. America's homicide rate is seven times that of other industrialized nations and the rate is driven by a gun homicide rate that is twenty times that of other industrialized nations," Rahimin said in his remarks.

Sami Rahimim is only 17-years-old but since his father's murder has been outspoken on the issue of gun violence.

He will be Congressman Ellison's guest in Washington next month to attend the President's State of the Union address.

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