GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Highway 55 at General Mills Boulevard and Boone Avenue was shut down for several hours after a fatal collision between a semi-truck and a minivan.

It happened shortly approximately 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Witnesses and the State Patrol say the semi was headed west on Highway 55 when a woman in another vehicle turned on a red light right in front of him.

"Preliminary reports indicate it is just a simple matter of someone turning when they should not have," said Lt. Eric Roeske, Minnesota State Patrol.

The semi driver, who was driving at highway speed,struck the woman and careened into a vacant lot, wrecking the truck and causing thecab to burst into flames. The driver was trapped inside, and the Minnesota State Patrol confirms he did not survive.

Witness Adam Farsloth, of Golden Valley, tried to save the driver of the truck.

"I heard him saying 'Help' a couple of times," Farsloth said. "And then, after we broke the glass, he was still saying 'Help,' but we could not get him out."

The driver of the minivan who turned in front of him survived the crash. She was taken to North Memorial Hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The crash scene is directly in front of KARE 11 Studios. Traffic on Highway 55 was restored at mid-afternoon with a four-way stop; however, traffic was significantly slowed during the evening rush hour.

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