GLENCOE, Minn. - Authorities are confirming three people are dead after a small plane went down in McLeod County Wednesday afternoon.

McLeod County Sheriff Scott Rehmann says the plane crashed in a field about four miles north of Glencoe and broke apart. He says there are no survivors in the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the crash was reported at 11:12 a.m. Wednesday. Witnesses report hearing a popping noise and then heard the impact of the plane hitting the ground.

Rehmann reports that the medical examiner is at the scene, and FAA investigators are en route.

Witnesses tell KARE 11 that the plane was flying close to the ground before it crashed, and that low clouds or fog may have contributed. They describe the plane as a Beechcraft Bonanza 35 airplane.

Those who arrived on scene before emergency personnel say the victims appeared to be a family, but officials would only say they were three adults.

"He almost made you want to duck he was going that fast and that low," said Richard Gebhardt who was the first to respond. "I heard the double explosion. The small explosion and then the huge explosion, and when the huge one hit I actually felt the ground shake."

Others could hear the plane having problems.

"It was spitting and sputtering and ten minutes after that I heard this big old bang," said Matthew Odenbrett who was working nearby.

Witnesses say there was a bakery bag from St. Cloud with three scones in it, indicating the flight may have originated there.

Flight records say the registered owner is from St. Cloud, but the plane was recently sold. But officials are not saying where the plane was coming from.

There were also three dogs on board that did not survive.

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