ARDEN HILLS, Minn.- Little has changed at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant in Arden Hills in the past decade. Over the course of the past year, you might be able to find a news photographer out there getting video or pictures every once in awhile, but even they've gone away. Now, the site sits without a hint of activity.

"This property is ideal," Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett said on Wednesday.

Bennett and fellow Commissioner Rafael Ortega lead a movement to get the Minnesota Vikings to build their football stadium on this site, but lost out to Minneapolis.

"It was a perfect match but it didn't happen. But we're not going to worry about it. We're just going to move forward," Bennett explained.

Bennett lives less than a minute from the TCAAP site. He drives by it every day and you could say it drives him crazy to see it sitting there. "This is jobs, this is development; this is property taxes that go on the rolls to help the schools and so forth."

Bennett says the County Board will keep looking at a plan that would clean the place up for $28.5 million. He's hoping the state will step up with some funds too.

"The state had told us if the Vikings didn't locate out here, being that this is Minnesota's super fund site, they would help us with some dollars and hopefully that will happen," Bennett told KARE 11. There is even talk that this site could snag some money from the state's bonding bill.

The Commissioner says if the clean-up hurdle is cleared, it could breathe new life into the old, 433-plus acre site that sits near major interstates. "Next step is to clear it up and then find a developer. It's too soon after the Vikings thing. There's got to be a plan and that's what we've got to put together, there's no plan yet."

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