MINNEAPOLIS - Social networks offer the bully a pulpit.

For the lastsix weeks, the most disgusting bully has used the pulpit that is Twitter to attack a teenager many of you have come to know, Jack Jablonski.

"Bullies pick on kids that are different," Child Psychologist David Walsh said about what is happening to Jablonski on a Twitter feed.

Jack is different, because he is paralyzed.

A hit in a hockey game that crashed Jack into the boards late last year severed his spine but it also ignited a movement.

Support for Jack has been indescribable, he is now known, worldwide.

But that instant fame may also be why he is being vilified by a nameless, faceless coward, on Twitter.

"He (Jack) needs our support but there might be other kids who are jealous of that and say why does he get the attention?" Dr. Walsh commented about why someone might be harassing Jack.

The cyber bully attacking Jack with tweets has been relentless.

Dr.Walsh points out the cyber bully has no fear because in his or her eyes the internet gives invincibility.

And invincibility fueled by the back and forth of Twitter is fuel on a fire.

"Because there is no consequence it can literally ramp up and there is nothing to tamper it down, it gets more and more vicious, out of control and can be really damaging," Dr.Walsh said.

The solution?

Log off and walk away.

Because a bully with no pulpit, is just a silenced coward.