MINNEAPOLIS -Election day may be over, but the vote counting continues in Minneapolis where three precincts must be counted by hand.

"Our judges were trying to get these ballots through and because of the complexity, none of them would go through," says Minneapolis election director Grace Wachlarowicz.

It's estimated that 5,000 ballots are impacted from precincts 10-1, 10-2 and 10-8.

Tinywhite specks on the ballots where it should besolid black, is preventing the outdated machines stemming back to the 1990's, from reading them.

"We have tried diligently to make these machines work," says Wachlarowicz.

Hand counts are a time consuming process and election officials warn the process could take severaldays to complete.

It's unlikely the results will sway any major races, except for potentially one close school board seat.

All of this begs the question, when will Hennepin County and other jurisdictions be getting more modernized voting machines?

"I do think there is something about this very heavy turnout that we've seen that is going to push these machines to the end of their life," says Secretary of State Mark Ritchie."In fact, most of the big cities have been in negotiations to say, where are we going to get the money to buy the next generation."

Hennepin County is waiting on approval to spend $5 million dollars on new voting machines.

They hope to have them up and running next year.

It will likely be 2014 before Ramsey County gets their new machines.

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