MINNEAPOLIS - The seemingly new "Black Thursday" trend is hitting a sore spot with shoppers, as stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Sears open Thanksgiving night. But, some stores are holding on to the traditional Black Friday.

JCPenney won't open until 6 a.m. on Black Friday, Nordstrom is closed every Thanksgiving, and recently, Mills Fleet Farm went public with a decision to keep doors closed on the holiday.

A television commercial announced its Thanksgiving closure to keep traditions for customers and employees, adding that shopping can wait until Black Friday.

"I think family time is really important, that is part of problem with America today, there is not a whole lot of family time left, "said Theresa Warner, of Pennsylvania, who was shopping at the Mall of America while visiting family.

Mall of America spokesman Dan Jasper says more stores are opening earlier, in response to demand.

Last year, the MOA opened at midnight for the first time, to a crowd of 35,000 waiting shoppers. Last year, 120 stores decided to open midnight Thanksgiving night, and this year that number has jumped to 180 stores, of the 500 or so stores in the mall. Jasper says it's up to each individual store to decide when to open.

"If they choose to open at midnight, fantastic." If they open up 6 a.m. Black Friday, that's fine too. We want to accommodate tenants and guests as well," said Jasper. "And you know what? It is also a family tradition. A lot of people go shopping together at midnight or at 4 am."

Kmart recently announced it will open 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving.

Mills Fleet Farm spokesperson Paul Gilbert told KARE 11 that the company does not feel a need to follow a trend infringing on families and holidays.

"Other companies can do it, we won't," he said.

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