MINNEAPOLIS - A segment on NBC's Today show about how much a person should tip during the holiday season raises some interesting questions.

The story recommended a $20 gift for a postal person, up to $100 for a teacher and up to a month's pay for a nanny. KARE 11 wondered if Minnesotans are obligated to pay the same.

"Everyone has a different budget," said Minnesota Monthly's senior editor Rachel Hutton.

Hutton took the approach of Midwest tipping protocol practicality. She said whatever you do, don't break the bank.

"You don't want to get yourself into debt over your holiday gifting. That's something to be really careful," said Hutton.

If you can afford it that's one thing, but if you cannot, simple gifts like a gift card can go a long way.

"They're easy to give they're so small. They're not cumbersome and they're easy to re-gift," smiled Hutton. "It can add up. I think an easy way is to make a list to everyone who you might want to give to."

Keep in mind postal workers, and generally speaking teachers cannot accept cash.

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