LAKEVILLE, Minn. -- There was an absolutely huge crowd at the Lakeville Buffalo Wild Wings for KFAN's football feast with Paul Allen. It didn't have an "end of the world" feel as the crowd talked about the upcoming Vikings/Texans game in Houston.

"Why would I want the world to end today when I get a chance to watch Adrian Peterson set the NFL single season rushing mark," Allen told KARE 11.

If the world did end today, Minnesota sports teams would end it on a good run after a couple of miserable years. The Gopher basketball team would bethe third or fourthseed in the NCAA tourney, the Minnesota Timberwolves would be the sixthseed in the NBA's Western Conference Playoffs, and the Vikings would be the sixth seed in the NFC, facing the Packers in Green Bay.

"Well, it would be very Minnesotan for the world to end today when all our teams are doing very well. As soon as we get on the doorstep (dramatic pause), done. World's done. So I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm crossing my fingers," Mankato's Mike Marzinske said.

Marzinske, who goes by "Mars," was at Wild Wings celebrating his 25th birthday, which also happened to be on the alleged "last day of the earth." As he grabbed lunch, the Minnesota Wild happened to be undefeated. Fans were very close to the end of the non-existent season. Negotiations between the owners and players have gone Mayan and the lockout drags on. "Bettman and Fehr can't get along. It's like Obama and Boehner. We're screwed," he lamented.

"Really nothing worse than signing Parise and Suter and not having a season," KFAN's Allen explained in reference to the disappointment found in the state of hockey.

Robin Preuss was at the football feast with a pair of friends who were also celebrating a pair of birthdays. We asked her about the end of the world and how it relates to the Minnesota sports scene. "Well, for the Twins, yes, it can be done," she said with a chuckle.

Preuss, of Lakeville, has been down south to see the Mayan ruins in Mexico. "We saw the calendar and never believed it," she said, before adding that she had plans that afternoon to get her nails done.

Many people never bought into the whole notion that there was some sort of hex or jinx over the Minnesota sports scene.

Perhaps, if the world doesn't end on December 21, the sports scene in the land of 10,000 lakes will have turned a corner. "Jinx is done! If there's a 22nd of December, and I'm 25 years and 1 day old, the jinx is over," Mars exclaimed.

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