MEDINA, Minn.- A Minnesota man arrested for drunken driving while operating a Segway is off the hook afterthe Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the stand-up scooter doesn't meet the definition of a motor vehicle under the state's drunken driving laws.

Mark Greenman, a 48-year-old attorney, was charged with drunken driving last February after riding his Segway from a bar in Hamelto his Medina home. A police officer spotted Greenman veering into the roadway. Greeman failed a field sobriety test, registering more than twice the legal limit.

The appeals court ruled that because the Segway operates under 12 mph, it falls under regulations pertaining to pedestrians, not motor vehicles.

Greenman was also arrested in 2010 for driving the Segway while drunk. A judge granted his motion to dismiss and the city didn't appeal.

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