MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Orchestra is canceling more concerts as the ongoing contract dispute with its musicians drags on.

The Minnesota Orchestra Association announced Friday it is canceling concerts through April 7. Some of those shows will be held during the 2013-14 season. The Orchesrta says it will contact all ticketholders with their options, refunds or exchanging tickets for future concerts. Ticketholders can also conduct ticket activity online at

This is the latest in a series of cancelations since Orchestra management locked out October 1. There has been progress as the two sides have met in recent weeks, but Minnesota Orchestra Board Chair Jon Campbell said in a statement that the cancelations were in consideration of the needs of audiences, guest artists and partnering venues.Campbell also said that the Orchestra will reinstate concerts if an agreement is reached in a timeframe that allows it.

Orchestra musicians released a statement in response to the latest cancelations. It read in part, "By cancelling these concerts, Orchestra Management has further eroded the public trust... We again call for Management to fulfill its commitment to the community and the taxpayers, by ending the 5 month lockout and reinstating these concerts."

Contract talks are currently being overseen by a federal mediator.

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