MINNEAPOLIS - Authorities are searching for the person or people responsible for vandalizing the Temple Israel in south Minneapolis on Tuesday night.

Graffiti can be found all over the walls, windows and pillars of each side of the building, authorities said.

Several years ago, the temple installed cameras to help keep an eye on the neighborhood. Videotape shows that the crime happened just before midnight, officials said. The tape has been passed on to police.

The Temple Israel is located near 24th and Hennepin Avenue in a busy part of south Minneapolis.

The crimecomes at Passover, aspiritual time for the Jewish faith. It has thesynagogue's rabbi concerned.

"We cannot ignore that that's the reality. The timing of this vandalism definitely creates a memory of the Jewish community of a history well known," said Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman.

Minneapolis police said the incident remains under investigation.

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