HUDSON, Wis. - It was a difficult morning for some jurors and family members asgraphic images were shown frominside the home where Aaron Schaffhausen murdered his three daughters.

Prosecutors called the forensic image specialist who took more than 600 photos of the crime sceneto the stand in Schaffhausen's insanity trial.

Some of the images were of the girls' bedrooms while others showed blood stains on the carpet, staircase, and in the washing machine.

The pictures were difficult for both thefamilies of Jessica and Aaron Schaffhausen to see.

Earlier, an employee of Amtrak established for the prosecution that Aaron Schaffhausen purchased a train ticket to leave town following the murders of Amara, Cecilia and Sophie, but chose to turn himself in instead.

Jurors saw a familiar face as the afternoon session opened, as River Falls Police detective Charles Golden returned to the stand. Golden, who was the first person to interrogate Schaffhausen after the murders of his daughters, testified Friday about the evidence recovered from the Schaffhausen home and how it was processed.