MINNEAPOLIS -- Alex Prang spent his entire day on Lake Harriet waiting for fish to bite, but shortly after six on Sunday evening a storm moved through providing his biggest catch of the day.

"I was coming in when I saw that storm coming in and then I looked over there and saw all the boats over there capsized," he said.

Four boats on the lake tipped over after strong winds rolled in.

"The wind just came up boat tipped over," said Polly Talen, who was in one of the boats that tipped over.

Her glasses are broken but her humor is still intact.

"My family is going to be so unhappy about this," she said.

Like many people this was Talen's first time in the water all season. She was enjoying the beautiful weather when dark clouds started circling overhead.

"I was sailing back to the dock and then it just sort of came out of nowhere they said it went up really fast," Talen said.

Prang helped the Minneapolis Fire Department rescue four people from the water. All of them were thankful he was at the right place at the right time.

"They said they've never flipped over before so must have been a freak thing when that wind came in they didn't expect," Prang said.

One person was taken to the hospital.

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