APPLEVALLEY, Minn. -Apair of lucky ducks has found both a new home at the Minnesota Zoo and apparently, lifetime love in the process.

The ducks, both of which survived serious injuries, were given to the zoo by the Animal Humane Society (AHS) in Golden Valley. The waterfowl, whose species is called the lesser scaup, arrived at the zoo separately. The female was found in Maple Grove by a good Samaritan, while the male was discovered injured near the AHS property in Golden Valley.

After arriving at the AHS the two quickly became a bonded pair, which means they are together for life.When they weredeemed unreleasable due to their injuries the Minnesota Zoo stepped in, offering the ducks a home in the zoo's Tropic Trail.

"A lot of time and care went into the rehabilitation of these ducks and we are grateful to the Zoo for providing continued care. It's an honor to be able to work together on such a
great outcome and we're thrilled to see the ducks doing so well," says Michelle LaBelle Lake, Animal Humane Society wildlife technician and founder of the Wildlife
Intensive & Critical Care Unit.

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