ST. PAUL, Minn. - The city of Saint Paul is asking residents to water their trees, both private and public, due to the current hot and dry weather conditions.

The continued dry weather pattern is stressful on trees and can lead to a weakened condition, officials with the city's Forestry Division said.

The strain makes the trees more susceptible to illness, disease and premature death.

A sign that a tree is suffering from moisture stress includes yellowing of the leaves, drooping or wilted leaves and premature leaf drop and loss.

Watering should be done in the early morning or evening for best results. Long and slow watering sessions allow the water to soak into the ground encouraging deeper root growth.

Three recommended watering options:

  • Turn your hose on to a very light trickle and water for two hours at a time at each of the four corners of the tree.
  • Wrap a soaker hose around the base of the tree, at least a foot away from the trunk, and water for six to eight hours at a low flow rate.
  • For small trees, place a watering bag around the tree and fill it up once a week. The city provides watering bags FREE OF CHARGE for public trees planted over the past few seasons. Be sure to remove and store the watering bag in winter.

Residents with questions are encouraged to contact Saint Paul's professional Forestry staff at 651-632-5129 or


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