MINNEAPOLIS - Maintenance crews and business owners are tallying up the damage in the wake of a significant waterpipe break in Minneapolis.

It happened around 3:30 a.m. on the 100 block of southeast Main Street, flooding a building in the St. Anthony Main complex that is filled with small businesses like the Aster Café, Prachna on Main and Segway Magical History Tours, among others.

"We're not sure if were out for two days or 4 days, we just don't know yet," said Jeff Arundel, owner of the Aster Café. "But it comes at a bad time because we had weddings scheduled here."

Originally it was thought that the leak came from a city water main, but Minneapolis Public Works spokesperson Heidi Hamilton says it involves a privately owned and maintained waterline within the St. Anthony main building.

Water pouring from the pipeflooded a number of businesses on the main and lower levels. Workers at the Aster Café were seen taking tables, furniture and other items out of the business. Pictures sent to KARE 11 show the kitchen submerged.

The owner of Segway Magical History Tours says damage to his office, including computers and other equipment, is significant.

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