CHASKA, Minn. -- It started out as a quick trip to Colorado. Jess and Blake Dronen were there to visit Jess' best friend when she went into labor at 26 weeks.

The Chaska woman was rushed to the hospital where they told her the first 48 hours were crucial. Doctors managed to keep her from giving birth, giving their baby girl a chance at life.

"The first 10 to 14 days were really rocky with things that were going wrong with baby or me, but the last couple of weeks have been positive," says Jess in a Facetime interview from her Denver hospital bed.

Jess made it through those 48 hours, then she made it to 28 weeks and Tuesday, another milestone.

"Thirty weeks tomorrow and 32 weeks would be fabulous but every day is a blessing," says Jess.

As if that's not hard enough, the Dronen's have two little boys, ages 1 and 2,waiting at home for mommy and daddy. Blake has been traveling between Minnesota and Colorado every couple of days, and a support team in Chaska has been filling in the gaps.

"We have wonderful family here. Two grandmas who love these boys immensely, a great grandma, other relatives, neighbors, aunts and cousins, you name it. You hear it takes a village, it truly does. We're experiencing that right now," says Jess' mother Janet Albright.

The Dronen's hope to be home with their healthy baby girl before Christmas. While they know they have to be gone to give their girl a chance, it doesn't make being away from their boys any easier.

"Facetime is an amazing thing, but it's still being away from them and that's hard," says Jess.

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