EDINA, Minn. - The bitter cold can be brutal on our cars.

"Get your car regularly checked," said Rick Murphy with Grandview Tire and Auto in Edina. "Right now, we're seeing a lot of cars coming in with the tire pressure lights on."

Murphy says cold temperatures can decrease tire pressure, which not only affects gas mileage, but traction.

"You should be checking it every month," reminds Murphy.

Other winter tips include:

  • For frozen car doors, try rubbing vegetable or olive oil along the rubber seals inside the car door. It will keep them free of moisture that could freeze.
  • Keep your gas tank more than half full. Empty tanks mean more moisture which can freeze and cause problems.
  • Allow a cold car to warm up for five minutes.
  • After starting the car, do not immediately turn the heater on high. Doing that actually blows cool air on the engine, and it will take longer to heat the inside of the car. Instead gradually go from low to high.
  • Remember to have your battery checked. Batteries typically have a 5-year life.

If car owners want to really beat the winter chill, check with Automotive Concepts in New Hope. They're installing remote car starters, heated seats, and even devices that heat windshield washer fluid to 130 degrees.

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