MINNEAPOLIS - Dinkytown was the place for Gopher fans to watch hockey on Saturday.

Businesses with televisions broadcasting the Gophers play in the NCAA championship game against Union College were packed. Some restaurants had lines out the door, including Tony's Diner where it was standing room only inside.

The first period of the game was a roller coaster for fans. The thrill of the Gophers scoring twice quickly turned to frustration when Union ultimately scored four that period, the last couple goals in just a matter of a few minutes.

Still, the fans were happy to be together watching their team.

From her table at Tony's Diner, University of Minnesota senior Angie Parker said, "It's so stressful! I want to win so bad! Wilcox let in four goals and it's, it's just hard right now. But we're going to pull it out. But it's stressful right now."

Her friend, U of M graduate Kelly Miller said she had to watch the game in Dinkytown.

"These are my friends, these are my family for four-and-a-half years, and to be with everyone that cares about Gopher hockey this much, that's where I want to be," she said.

Miller wasn't sure how long she would stay in the area after the game. But U of M senior Joe Carlson said, "After the game, I'm not going to stick around very long because things might get kind of rowdy around here."

After the Gopher's lost, a number of students did crowd the streets of Dinkytown and had to be dispersed by police.

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