Golden Valley, Minn. -- There is an easy way to help protect our water resources, and it starts literally in your front yard.

Storm sewers in city and suburban streets flow directly into lakes and rivers.The leaves, grass clippings and other debrisfoundalong curbs and clogging sewer grates contain phosphorus, nitrogen and sediment that are all significant sources of water pollution.

Join Project H20 by cleaning up the curb and sewer grates in your neighborhood. If everyone takes a few minutes to clean up their area, together we can greatly reduce the amount of pollutants that flow into our lakes and rivers.

Why clean up? The pollutants - especially the phosphorus - cause excess algae growth that reduce oxygen in the water, crowd out native plants, kill fish and other organisms and seriously degrade the recreational opportunities lakes and rivers provide for humans.

How to participate -

  • Clean up the debris along curbs and storm drains in your area and public spaces.
  • Take the collected debris to your local compost location, or dispose with other leaves and brush.
  • Enter your collection information on the Freshwater Society websiteto track the full impact that KARE 11 viewers had on the waters in Minnesota.

Materials needed for that day will be yard waste bags, leaf rakes, shovels, brooms and gloves.

Learn more about organizingcleanups and how to organize larger eventsthrough the Freshwater Society'scommunity cleanup toolkit.Community cleanups are encouraged in partnership with the Freshwater Society, Friends of the Minnesota Valley and other local organizations.

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