SOUTH SAINT PAUL, MINN. -- At Neighbors, Inc., a non-profit that provides emergency services, the shelves are full of food. Local schools just donated a ton of food on Tuesday. But it won't last very long.

"A ton of food will last us no more than two days," John Kemp, executive director, said.

Kemp knows all about the need. He sees the faces of hunger every day. The organization serves between 400-450 families every month. He expects that number to go up.

"This year we will do 60 percent more people than we did just two years ago," he said.

Other food shelves have noticed the uptick too, especially during the recession. That's why 12 organizations came together five years ago for "Walk to End Hunger."

"There's a whole new population of folks using food shelves. Middle class families who never thought they'd be visiting a food shelf. But if somebody loses a job then they're finding it difficult to make ends meet," Lori Kratchmer, spokesperson for Walk to End Hunger and executive director of Emergency Foodshelf Network, said.

Money raised during the Thanksgiving Day walk will help make it easier to feed families. Kratchmer said donations will allow organizations to be able to buy in bulk.

"We can buy truck loads of canned veggies and we can just stretch that dollar so much further than if you were to go to the grocery store and buy groceries and bring them in," she said.

Their goal this year is $325, 000. So far, they are $90,000 short but are hopeful more people will give back before giving thanks.

The walk begins at 7:30 am at the Mall of America on Thanksgiving Day. You can still register.

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