DES MOINES, Iowa - At least two people now have a lot of holiday cash, and some to spare.

Missouri Lottery officials say one of the nation's two Powerball jackpot winning tickets was sold at a convenience store near Kansas City.

A Missouri Lottery news release Thursday said it was sold at a Trex Mart in Dearborn, about 35 miles north of Kansas City.

The other winning ticket was sold at a 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills, Ariz., reportedly on a $10 quick pick.

The ticket holders will split a Powerball record $587.5 million jackpot. It wasn't clear whether the winning tickets were bought by individuals or groups.

Shops that sell the winning Powerball ticket receive $50,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Two other Missouri stores sold $1 million winning lottery tickets Wednesday - one in Kansas City and one in Joplin.

Winners will be splitting a jackpot of $579.9 million before taxes, or a cash option of $379.8 million before taxes. An additional 8,924,123 players won smaller prizes.

The jackpot surged because of a ticket-buying spree in recent days. The big money enticed many people who rarely, if ever, play the lottery. They wanted a chance to win the second-largest payout in U.S. history.

The jackpot had already rolled over 16 consecutive times without a winner, but Powerball officials said earlier Wednesday they believed there was a 75 percent chance the winning combination would be drawn this time.

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