MINNEAPOLIS - Sam and Sylvia Kaplan are the democratic power couple of Minnesota... and President Obama knows it.

Over the years they have donated $400,000 to Democratic Party candidates and they have hosted the parties that collect the cash.

Thursday night's dinner is expected to help fill the coffers for Minnesota DFL congressional candidates.

"We are looking at a potential fundraiser that could generate a half million dollars to a million dollars if not more for the democrats," Political analyst and Hamline University Law Professor David Schultz said.

Sam Kaplan graduated from the University of Minnesota law school and founded a major law firm in 1978.

Sylvia Kaplan is a North High School graduate and was very successful in the Twin Cities restaurant scene.

They generated major cash for President Obama's first presidential campaign and in 2009 Sam Kaplan was appointed by then President Obama to be the US Ambassador to Morocco.

On Thursday, the Kaplan's play host again at a steep price point.

To meet the President and get a photo it will cost a couple $32,400.

"Thirty-two thousand four hundred dollars is there for a reason. That's the amount of money that an individual under federal law is allowed to give to the national, in this case, Democratic Party in 2014," Schultz pointed out.

The President has been the guest of honor at the Kaplan's home before so he knows the capitol that comes with the rolodex that is Sam and Sylvia Kaplan.

"You have to show up because they are the ones who finance the campaigns," Schultz said.

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