BURNSVILLE, Minn. - A Burnsville boy started his day with a "wild" ride to school, thanks to an unusual hitchhiker that made the trip on his dad's windshield.

Dan Germandson was on his way to drop off 5-year-old Gaje at kindergarten when he noticed a mouse crawl out from under the hood. The rodent scurried onto the base of the windshield, then grabbed a wiper and hung on for dear life.

When Dan asked Gaje if he should flip on the wipers to get rid of the mouse, the boy replied "No Dad, we don't want to hurt nature!"

So Dan kept driving, taking the opportunity to shoot a picture of the wayward mouse as he waited at an intersection. As Dan pulled into the school parking lot after the 5-mile trip, the critter crawled back into the engine compartment, and they haven't seen it since.

By the way, Gaje comes by his love for nature honestly; his father Dan is a science teacher at Prior Lake High School.

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