MINNEAPOLIS - For those that equate Vikings' victories with good business, there's nothing to complain about after a 4-1 start to the 2012 season.

"This is awesome," said Michael Nowakowski with Ticket King. "With each win, more people are jumping back on the bandwagon and that means we're selling more tickets."

The ticket broker spent Monday morning readjusting ticket prices based on their high demand.

"If anything I've been raising prices across the board," says Nowakowski. "Fans are looking further out instead of just the game coming up."

Nowakowski says they expected to break even on Vikings tickets this season, but this year he says they will be profitable based on the team's early success.

It's not just the tickets that are selling.

"We're certainly seeing it in our sales," says Michael Cobb, the manager at the Vikings Locker Room Store at the Mall of America.

Cobb says he's seeing merchandise sales creeping closer to where they were in 2009 when the Vikings went 12-4.

"It's to a point where I'm looking at bringing in some more staff because we don't have the people to handle all the customers."

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