ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota will have more than just athletes competing in Sochi.

"We were contacted by the Australian Federation saying they were looking for somebody to make their ski suits," said Podiumwear owner Reid Lutter.

Three different countries will be skiing in Minnesota-made uniforms.

Owner Reid Lutter was an Olympic hopeful back in the 1990s. He didn't make the team, but he did make some friends.

"I had skied with the Australian coach in 1993-94 so we had a personal connection going back 20 years now. So they were comfortable working with us and our product," he said.

The design and the printing, The dying, the cutting and the sewing is all done in St. Paul. Even the last-minute pieces!

"On Monday of last week, they called us and said, we need two more! So this suit will be at the Olympics in three days thanks to Jessie Diggins' parents, an American Olympian, who are going to hand carry it over and hand it to the Australian Olympic team."

If all goes well, we could see Podiumwear cycling and running uniforms for Rio. But for now, Lutter is excited for Sochi.

"I can't go against my hometown peeps, but we'll root for Aussies too," he said with a laugh.

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