BLAINE, Minn. -- Todd Birr is a world Bronze medalist in curling, and these days, he's also known as the King of Ice. World class curling ice. For the uninitiated, that would be ice with a pebbly surface, not smooth like hockey ice.

"We're expecting to be a world class facility and we've had some of the Olympic teams, U.S. Olympic trial teams, and the Chinese National Team has been in to use the ice," said Birr.

Birr and his partner, Regan Mizuno are the driving force behind the Four Seasons Curling Club at Fogerty Arena in Blaine.

"We just opened a year ago, " said Birr. "We're the only year round facility in the country."

Mizuno is also a competitive curler, and even though she grew up with the sport in Canada, she maintains it's a sport anyone can take up. "I've got a grandma at 89 who's still curling, and kids as young as five can learn how to curl."

Which means a middle-aged anchor should have no problem, right? Check out the video to judge for yourself.

Four Seasons Curling Club hosts league teams, and also offers practice time, both reserved and open practice times, daily. They also host events for corporations, parties, community groups and more. For information visit Four Seasons Curling Club.

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