A new aerials format did not get in the way of two Americans.

Ashley Caldwell and Emily Cook are heading directly into the final round of the women's aerials after scoring in the top six in the first qualification round.

Caldwell scored the highest score of any aerialist with a 101.25. Cook placed fifth with an 80.01.

Caldwell, 20, competed in the 2010 Winter Games, coming in 10th place.

This is Cook's third and possible final Olympics. The 34-year-old is still looking for her first medal. She came in 19th place in Torino and 11th in Vancouver.

Also making it to the final is Li Nina of China, the number one ranked aerialist in the world.

Defending gold medalist Lydia Lassila of Australia needed a second qualification run to advance to the final. She scored the highest in that round with a 90.65.

The biggest surprise is Zhang Xin of China did not advance. She is the number two ranked aerialist in the world. She came in seventh and was knocked out by her teammate Xu Mengtao.

Qualification 1 (Top 6)

Ashley Caldwell (USA) - 101.25

Li Nina (CHN) - 86.71

Danielle Scott (AUS) - 85.36

Cheng Shuang (CHN) - 83.19

Emily Cook (USA) - 80.01

Assoli Slivets (RUS) - 78.40

Qualification 2 (Top 6)

Lydia Lassila (AUS) - 90.65

Xu Mengtao (CHN) - 87.15

Laura Peel (AUS) - 85.99

Veronika Korsunova (RUS) - 81.58

Zhanbota Aldaergenova (KAZ) - 78.12

Alla Tsuper (BLR) - 77.52

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