I have been able to go to many venues in Sochi covering these Winter Games, but my view of those venues are not what you would think they would be. I usually cannot see any of the field of competition or the seats that we are given have an obstructed view. But I'm not complaining in the least.

The fact that I was at the men's USA vs. Russia hockey game was incredible. I saw the same thing you did at home, but I was in the actual arena where the game was taking place. My view of the game was from a TV in the mixed zone but the difference is, I got to talk to those players as soon as the game ended.

Last night, I went to the men's USA vs. Czech Republic game at the smaller arena, Shayba, and was able to go into the stands to watch a few minutes of the game. But our seats were so obstructed that I really couldn't see any of the action on the ice. In the case of last night, I would have been better off staying in the mixed zone and watching it from a TV.

Tonight, I'm going to the women's gold-medal game between USA and Canada and I don't know what seats I will get if at all. But even if I don't get inside the arena, I'm so appreciative of the chance to be able to cover these events for KARE 11. It's just been an absolutely incredible journey and I hope I have many more stories to tell in the final days of these games!

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