GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - This winter has provided a one-two punch with a combination of snow and cold.

Factor in very little melting, and the snow we have gotten is piling up and causing problems.

Many people are saying this is the worst winter ever -- but is it really?

If you weren't yet born when Danny, Sandy Rizzo and Kenickie hit the theater in 1979, this is your coldest winter ever.

The full record dates back to the 1870s. Factoring in the forecast for the rest of February, we will likely end up as the ninth coldest winter.

Including Monday, we've dropped to zero or below 46 days this cold season. It's the first time that's happened in this century! That's already more than double the average of 21 and there are more in the forecast. The record is 68 days with a low at or below zero.

The latest below zero low for the season stands at March 31. Let's not attempt to break that record.

As for snowfall, there have been 37 days with measurable snowfall. The average in a season is 35 and the count doesn't end when the calendar says winter is over. It keeps climbing until summer arrives.

Because the snow hasn't had much chance to melt, the current snow depth of 24 inches ranks as the seventh deepest.

Regardless of statistics, good advice is to hang in there because the WORST WINTER EVER isn't over yet.

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