Simply Science: Kids put science, math to use at Leonardo's Basement

MINNEAPOLIS - Connor Oreschnick is constructing a snow bike. Arlen Nordhougen is Perfecting a Nerf gun war shield, and LoganKreunis wiring a speaker. It's all happening at Leonardo's Basement in South Minneapolis --a place for kids to put the math and science they learn in school to use.

Founder and executive Director, Steve Jevning says "Leonardo's Basement is really for kids to figure out how to turn the ideas that are swimming around in their brain, into some they can touch and feel and show other people."

He also says theonly rules here are, "Be safe, be nice and have fun."

Kids are introduced to new topics each week, but are then given the freedom to build or make whatever they can dream up.

Like Connor's Snow Bike, he explains he got the idea way back last winter.

"I saw people last year with like snow bike things, like a snowmobile, but a bike. So I just decided to make one because I really wanted one, and I didn't want to buy one."

Arlen's shield actually started off as a snowball slingshot maker, "First I got the chair out and then I was just saying, 'Hmm, I wonder what could I build with this?' And then my friend, Connor, over there, he told me you could make a snowball slingshot maker. He was saying I could put a board right here and then slingshot out here. But then I changed it into a Nerf gun shield, and that's how I got the idea."

And Logan's speaker, "So I'm basically just getting the wires in to where they have to be, so the speakers will work properly."

Connormakes one last point by saying, "It's the perfect place for me."

Leonardo's Basement has programs for kids and adults of all ages. For more information visit


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