More standing corn to help winter driving

Corn helps keep roads clear of snow

FAIRFAX, Minn - Fall harvest is underway in parts of Minnesota, but this year, more corn may be left standing...for snow.

"For our plow operators, it's an opportunity to reduce our salt use in some of those areas and also to reduce the need to bring in extra equipment." said Dan Gullickson with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The distance that is kept between the row of corn and the road is important. About 150-feet allows the snow to drift before reaching the road surface.

As the wind carries the snow along the field, the corn will catch the snow and create a natural snow drift.

"We picked all the corn and our group will get the profits from the corn after it's taken to the elevator. We are going to use this to take students to national and state conventions this year." said Stephanie Brandt, an advisor for Future Farmers of America.

"It's not that we are making a lot of money on this, it's more of a public service. This is a way we can help a local organization such as the FFA by allowing them to come in, pick the corn and they are able to sell it in their name then." said farmer Louise Kiecker.

So when you see that standing row of corn this winter, remember to think of the farmer who is making your drive a little safer.

To learn more about living snow fences and standing corn rows visit MN DOT's Website.


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