MINNEAPOLIS — With COVID-19 vaccinations underway in hospitals across the country, Moderna is next on the list to make history pending FDA approval of its vaccine.

Dr. Gary Berman with the Clinical Research Institute in Minneapolis is helping lead a local Moderna vaccine study.

"Today we administered the first two Moderna vaccines," said Dr. Berman, Principal Investigator of the study.

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The study will look at the efficacy of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine compared to placebo in adolescents, age 12 to 17.  

"We're working as fast and diligently as we can to get volunteers scheduled, enrolled and we're going to be following them for the next 13 months," said Dr. Berman. 

According to Berman, only 138 adolescents were studied in trials of the Pfizer vaccine, so researchers are hoping this Moderna trial gives a clearer picture of how the vaccine will directly impact kids.

"This is two doses separated by 28 days," said Dr. Berman. 

The study will look at healthy kids and may also include those with underlying health conditions like asthma and peanut allergies.

"You've got to make sure that its safe in healthy adolescents before you look at subpopulations of that," said Dr. Berman. 

Parents like Annie Bombardo agree, that's necessary for effectiveness. 

"Absolutely, I think yeah, it's a plus all around, help save lives," said Bombardo. 

Lives forever changed, amid a pandemic that in one way or another has changed us all.

"Once we all get vaccinated, this will be a bad memory," said Dr. Berman. 

For more information on eligibility to become an adolescent volunteer click here. For participation, all volunteers will be compensated.