Opinion: Jana Shortal tees off on Golf Digest writer for ripping Minnesota

A blog writer from Golf Digest has a problem with Minnesota's love for Prince.

MINNEAPOLIS - Golf Digest is taking Minnesota to task about our love for Prince.

A love, the publication claims, that has become an obsession.

"Minnesota is a wonderful place with a deep, diverse offering of culture. Not that you would ever know the latter inclination. Because while the state is often referred to as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesotans define themselves by one calling card, and one calling card only: the Home of Prince," the blog post states.

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The most recent Prince-love fest that broke the camel's back? Apparently, it was an announcement by the Minnesota Twins to not only bring Prince Night back for a second year (complete with purple inflatable guitar giveaways) but the fact the baseball team is partnering with the late singer's estate to sell purple, Prince-themed Twins merchandise.

This particular blog writer took issue with Minnesota's obsession with Prince, and not say, fellow local Bob Dylan.

He ends the post with this, "Of course, we're talking about a group that elected Jesse Ventura. Compared to that, I guess we'd pump up Prince as much as possible, too."