Randy Shaver talks to Rod Carew about his 'miracle' heart

Randy Shaver sat down with Minnesota Twin legend Rod Carew to talk about the miracle beating inside his chest.

Former Minneosta Twin Rod Carew is an 18 time All-Star, seven time batting champion and a Hall of Fame legend. A heart attack in 2015 left him with a mechanical heart and a passion for helping to spread the word about heart education.

But behind the brave public face Carew says, “What I did is I cried every night, every morning. I talked to him. I cried to him…not looking for a miracle but looking for something to happen and he did give me a miracle.”

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Randy Shaver sat down with the baseball legend to talk about that miracle -  the former NFL tight end Konrad Reuland whose heart now beats in Carew’s chest.

Watch Monday night at 10 p.m. for the full heart-warming story.