Help Me Hacks: Patterns and prints

Jason Oliver Nixon, interior designer at Madcap Cottage, has tips to give your home a new look without breaking the bank.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Want to update your home or office but can't spend a lot to do it? Jason Oliver Nixon, interior designer at Madcap Cottage, has some simple ways to make big design changes.

Wallpaper may give you flashbacks to the '70s but it’s having a very real 2018 moment.

“Wallpaper is not what you remember, it’s not hard to put up anymore and not hard to take down so millennials are really starting to come out in droves,” said Nixon.

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To revamp a room, consider a print that packs a punch.

"A good rule of thumb is to look in your wardrobe, look in your collections," he said. "If you collect blue and white china for example, use that as a visual cue to bring prints and pattern into the rest of your home.”

Patterns are not limited to paper. Consider upping your accent game.

“It’s a great hack," he said. "Take out a boring beige sofa switch out the pillows and all of the sudden that sofa is going to look like a million bucks.”

Plus, a secret to keeping a room fresh: let the seasons inspire you.

"That idea that if you switch out the pillows, summer pillows, winter pillows, maybe that’s more of a plaid cozy faux fur in the winter and then you go to florals in the summer," he explained. "That’s a great way to keep it very editorial, very fresh, very fun, and anybody who comes into your house is going to say oh you got a great new sofa.”