Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Nadia Cakes owner Abby Jimenez

Jimenez is the owner of Nadia Cakes, an award-winning cupcake shop and custom cake studio.

WOODBURY, Minn. -- For Abby Jimenez, every day is spent doing something she loves.

Jimenez is the owner of Nadia Cakes, an award-winning cupcake shop and custom cake studio.

Her career started while she was pregnant with her third child. Jimenez decided to take cake decorating classes at a local craft store. She took what she learned and started making cakes for family and friends.

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At first, she was working out of her home.

“I think the most inspiring thing for me when I was working out of my home was the support I got from other women," said Jimenez. "A lot of times I’d be filling out an order form and I’d have my babies with me and these women would sit there and they’d hold my kids while I typed up their order forms.”

Nadia Cakes now has three locations: one in California and two in Minnesota.

“The one piece of advice that I would give anybody starting their own business is do something you love, something you’re passionate about because you’ll spend a lot of time doing that thing,” she said.

Nadia Cakes was on seasons one and two of TLC’s show Fabulous Cakes, as well as the Rose Bowl episode of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, which Abby won!

Recently, Abby and Nadia Cakes went viral for her "vageode" cakes, which resemble a certain part of the female anatomy. In honor of International Women's Day, 10 percent of all vageode items sold will be donated to the Women's Foundation of Minnesota.

For Jimenez, supporting other women is a key to success.

“If you see another woman trying to make a business work, support her and if you can’t support her with your business at that moment, support her with your support," she said. "Give her encouragement. Be her friend.”

To learn more about Abby and Nadia Cakes, visit her website here.