Minion mania strikes southern Indiana home

Pourteau's $3,500 holiday display is spreading joy across the neighborhood.

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) – A neighborhood decorating contest has now turned into Minion Mania.

You know the characters who became so popular in the movie ‘Despicable Me’.

"My neighbor and my son were having a Christmas competition,” Michael Pourteau said. “I kind of got involved, and it went minion crazy."

When Michael Pourteau gets into a project he goes all out.

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"I live for it,” Pourteau said. “I'd rather do something for somebody else than do it for myself. That's who I am."

Two days’ work and 70 minions later his 2017 holiday decorations were complete.

"There's an extension cord nightmare out there,” Pourteau said.

There are minions everywhere you look.

"We've got one getting road over with a car, and one hanging from a tree,” Pourteau said.

Pourteau's $3,500 holiday display is spreading joy across the neighborhood.

"You see kids outside on the sidewalk jumping up and down that just can't believe it,” Pourteau said. “It's almost real and they just love it. It's worth every minute just to set them up for the kids to come out and see this. It's amazing to them."

Now thanks to the power of social media that joy is being spread across the world one click at a time.

"It's crazy,” Pourteau said. “For a little small house, here in New Albany that's just crazy. Before the sun goes down you can see cars from one end of the street to the other lined up."

Unfortunately, thee floats can't run 24/7 so on windy days like Michael keeps them turned off so they don't blow away.