Grow with KARE: Held Company Creations

If you want a fabulous adventure head out to the Held Farm in Corcoran and see what they have created.

CORCORAN, Minn. - The Held Family invites you to experience the transformation of reclaimed local materials into cherished décor.

For the past 20 years, their passion for age-old and cutting-edge techniques remains. Whether it is hand turning, carving of wood or creating intricate custom designs through laser cutting.

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Their craft has flourished by remaining true to their German roots of quality workmanship and the hand selection of retrieved wood that retains the local character.

The Held Family is proud of its Minnesota heritage of resilient, hardworking folks and they hope to share their rustic décor, traditional novelties, and seasonal gifts with you.

The Held Company is open every day until Christmas from 10 am - 6 pm and open on weekends throughout the year.