Entrepreneur stitching a superior hammock

A Twin Cities man's invention of a down-filled hammock was born out of a need to get a little warm sleep -- while carrying less.

OSSEO, Minn. - Danny Warnock's business idea just started as his own solution to his own problem.

"I was doing a solo trip in the Boundary Waters and my pack was like 90 pounds," he said. "I was like, 'This was too much weight.' I was looking where to cut weight. And the tent was by far the heaviest thing.”

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Warnock cut out the tent and slept in a hammock, but staying warm was the next problem.

"It took like 5 minutes to get in the sleeping bag, on the pad, stay where you want on the hammock," he said.

That was a pain, Warnock says, so he started stitching his own down-filled hammocks. Each is essentially a self-contained sleeping bag, mat and hammock. It packs down to 6 pounds in its own travel bag and can be a faster setup than a tent.

Warnock also created the world's lightest hammock, at 4 ounces including the bag it's stuffed into, without the down insulation.

Warnock and his business, Superior Hammocks, just wrapped up a Kickstarter campaign helping to raise money to make more hammocks. They’re also starting an Indiegogo crowdfunding effort to help continue the project. To find out more about Superior Hammocks, you can visit superiorhammock.com.