Newly opened brewery already has quite the history

When Tom Schroeder bought an old brick building in St. Paul, he didn't know its story dated back to the Civil War.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – For 17 years, Tom Schroeder eyed up the old brick building that sat along Smith Avenue near West 7th in St. Paul.

The building itself had years of history, and it was not until 2008 that Schroeder was able to purchase it.

"You could tell that this was hiding a history that people had not yet discovered," Schroeder says.

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He later found out it was an old Civil War saloon operated by Anton Waldmann. Hence the name it has today, Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery.

Schroeder expanded off the original building to create the brewery and kitchen. They have kept the inside simple and original to the time period. Walking in is much like setting foot inside an 1860s saloon.

Schroeder says he wants customers to come in and be part of the next 100 years.

“What I want them to know is that they are part of the story because the story is not over."

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