Opportunity Partners helps people with disabilities gain job skills

Keep warm while helping out employees with disabilities

MINNETONKA, Minn – Opportunity Partners in Minnetonka was founded in 1953. For years it has employed people with disabilities.

The non-profit packs and makes products for other companies but it launched its own for the first time this year.

“By providing training and employment opportunities like this, more people with disabilities can develop their work skills and graduate to independent jobs in the community,” Bill Schultz Opportunity Partners Executive Vice President of Business Development and Operations said in a press release.

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Employees are now packaging fire starters with the companies own brand, logo and faces of the employees who helped put them together.

"When people are buying our product they are helping the people and that's why we put the faces up there because they can really touch the lives that they are helping. They're see oh gosh, Teddy packaged this for me or see another employee.”

The fire starting sticks are being sold on Amazon. The sticks are non-toxic, waterproof and all proceeds benefit people with disabilities.

You can learn more about the fire starting sticks and Opportunity Partners at opportunities.org/firestarters.