All-star chefs team up for new U.S. Bank Stadium menu

If the games aren't enough to get you in the door of the not-yet-open U.S. Bank Stadium, perhaps the food will. 

MINNEAPOLIS - If the games aren't enough to get you in the door of the not-yet-open U.S. Bank Stadium, perhaps the food will.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority announced new big-name partnerships that will highlight the stadium's local food offerings, unveiling a culinary roster focued on a "modern, memorable, and Minnesota" experience.

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From the super crave-worthy Revival to Spoon and Stable, which still boasts the toughest reservation to snag in the cities and our culinary superstar Andrew Zimmern, there's plenty to like about what's on the menu. Zimmern teamed up with longtime friend, chef Gavin Kaysen, of Spoon and Stable Restaurant to offer gourmet Italian hoagies.

“Who doesn’t want to spread love through food to as many people as possible? Gavin and I have literally talked for years about bringing really great fine food to a stadium environment. Going to the stadium is a special event for people. Tickets are hard, parking is expensive, what you eat in the stadium should reflect that whole experience,” said Zimmern.

“We came up with a really cool offering for our hoagies booth that includes four different sandwiches, bombolini Italian donuts, with orange maple sugar dipped in chocolate, very simple stuff, but we are focusing on four of the very best sandwiches you will ever eat," Zimmern added.

Ike's Food and Cocktails will also add its signature Bloody Mary to the mix, as well as their handcrafted steak sandwich.

Ike's is bringing its sliced tenderloin sandwich with horseradish aioli and fried onions. 

Revival is bringing its addictive fried chicken and a few other southern specialties while Andrew Zimmern will add his popular AZ Canteen to the offerings, which includes Cantine Hoagies developed with the help of Spoon and Stable's Gavin Kaysen.

Petit Fried Chicken Sandwich from Revival

One of the hoagies? An Italian Porchetta Sandwich, which was unveiled at Tuesday's event. Zimmern said his roast pork is topped with charred broccolini, argula and aged provolone.

U.S. Bank Stadium teamed up with Aramark to offer its food service. Fans will have a first chance to try the new foods when an August 3rd soccer game will open the stadium.

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Officials say more details will be coming in the weeks ahead on the rest of the menu -- until then we'll just have to wait and dream.

Italian Porchetta Sandwich
The new food at the U.S. Bank Stadium will feature food from Revival, Andrew Zimmern, Gavin Kaysen and more.