Milkjam Creamery renames ice cream for inspiring women, including 'Mom'

Flavors include Oprah, Lucille Ball and ... Mom.

MINNEAPOLIS - You can now celebrate Women's History Month with ice cream.

Minneapolis' premiere ice cream shop, Milkjam Creamery, is keeping with recent tradition and renaming all of its ice cream flavors after inspirational, powerful women.

After success with the experiment last year, Ruby Scher, general manager of Milkjam, said they thought, why not do it again.

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"We wanted to do something cool and special to honor a bunch of the women that inspired us so we decided to rename the ice creams," she said.

They surveyed staff, customers and put the question out on their social media accounts to come up with a list of notable women to feature, with flavors that matched as much as possible.

The final flavors include:

LUCILLE BALL (late actress/comedian)

Vanilla yogurt w/ cherry swirl

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG (fashion designer)

The darkest coco

LIZZO (Minneapolis hip hop artist)

Vanilla bean w/ caramelized corn flakes and berry swirl

Chloe Kim's ice cream flavor at Milkjam Creamery
Sara Pelissero, KARE

CHLOE KIM (Olympic snowboarder)

Orange coriander milk w/ candied pebbles


Raspberry sherbet w/ chocolate chips

OPRAH (goes without saying)

Malted sweet cream w/ caramel delights & brown butter caramel


Piña colada

DANICA ROEM (transgender state legislator)

Dark chocolate w/ salted chocolate fudge, whoppers and brownies

IBTIHAJ MUHAMMAD (Olympic fencer)

Peanut butter banana with oreo chunks


Caramelized goat, cow and condensed milks

Milkjam Creamery
Sara Pelissero, KARE



MARTHA STEWART (celebrity chef, lifestyle businesswoman)

Grapefruit campari w/ a hint of gin

ZENDAYA (singer/actress)

Mexican coffee w/ churros and spiced chocolate

TARANA BURKE (civil rights activist, originator of #MeToo)

Aromatic black tea w/ condensed milk

ADELE (singer)

Toasted coconut

But the most popular flavor by far?


Oreo milk w/ oreo chunks and salted peanut butter

"That's typically our most popular flavor anyways but I think the fact that it's named after mom, gets it even more attention," Scher said. "It's supposed to be inspiring women ... and who's more inspiring?"

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Milkjam Creamery will sell the women-inspired flavors through the end of March.

For more information, check out their website.