Target revamping 500 stores

Target is announcing a next generation of store design, beginning in Houston but coming soon to Minneapolis.

MINNEAPOLIS - The Target experience you know is about to change.

“It’s really creating a more inspiring guest experience for our guests," says Target spokesperson Kristy Welker.

The approach is called the next generation of store design.

"Over the next three years Target is going to invest billions of dollars, reimagining our stores," says Welker.

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The Minneapolis-based retailer says shoppers will see everything from new-elevated, cross-merchandise product presentations to two separate entrances.

“One for inspiration, showcasing those beautiful cross-merchandise products, and another showcasing ease," Welker says. "A guest can pull up to our store, have their order pick-up brought out to them. Or they can run in quickly for 10 minutes and grab a grocery item and run out. Curved center aisles, concrete floors and unique lighting treatments that really draw our guests in and inspire them to shop.”

The first fully imagined store like it will open this fall in Houston. The good news is you won’t have to travel to the Lone Star state for this new shopping experience. The $10 million renovation underway at Nicollet Mall will incorporate many of the next-generation design elements.

“The stenciled concrete floors, the wood beams, the unique lighting," Welker says. "An updated Starbucks. The grocery department will move to the front of the store so guests will have a really quick grab-and-go experience.”

The renovation of Target’s flagship store in Minneapolis is scheduled to be complete this fall. Also ready this fall, a Target store in Uptown in between West Lake Street and Lagoon Avenue. This will be a small-format store and the third like it in this market.

“Our goal through all of this is really to evolve and enhance the shopping experience," says Welker.