Motivation Monday: 11 fitness myths busted!

Some of the most common health and fitness advice is just plain wrong!

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - You'll find plenty of people willing to give out health and fitness tips; however, some of the most common advice is just plain wrong!'s Chris Freytag joined us on KARE 11 Sunrise to discuss her a few of her "11 Fitness Myths That Are Totally False."

FALSE: You have to train in the morning

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"I am a proponent of morning workouts because I think it feels good to get them done first thing," Freytag said. "But, that doesn't mean you have to follow suit! A calorie burned at 6 am is the same as a calorie burned at 6pm. Find out what workout time is best for you and your busy schedule, and know that it doesn't always have to be the same."

FALSE: You need at least 30 minutes to get a solid workout

"I see this myth prevent a lot of people from getting their workout in for the day," Freytag said. "Many people think that if they don't have 30-60 minutes to work out, they don't have enough time to burn calories, build muscles, or see results, so they skip a workout altogether. Here's what I have to say to that: a quick workout is always better than no workout! Living a healthy, active life is about incorporating movement into your day whenever possible."

FALSE: You need a low carb diet to lose weight

"Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not necessarily your enemy when trying to lose weight or eat healthy," Freytag said. "There are complex carbs, like vegetables, fruit, legumes, and whole grains—these are generally considered healthy. And then there are 'simple' or 'refined' carbs, which include white pasta, white bread, pastries, sugar-sweetened beverages, and more."

FALSE: Lifting heavy weights makes you bulk up

"So many women tell me they're afraid to use heavy weights because they don't want to 'bulk up,'" Freytag said. "Not to be cheeky, but you're probably not going to achieve bodybuilder status unless you're consuming massive amounts of protein; most women simply do not have the type of testosterone to create that huge, muscle-bound look. Heavy weights are good! They help you put on lean muscle, which isn't bulky, it's actually what contributes to the 'toned' appearance most of us are after."

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FALSE: Crunches are key to flat abs

"If you hate doing crunches, don't fret—they're not the only step in getting a lean tummy," Freytag said. "Getting 'flat abs' is actually about losing extra body fat and strengthening and toning the entire core, not just mindlessly repeating one exercise."

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