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This content is sponsored by CentraCare.

This content is sponsored by CentraCare.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn  --  One of Feeling Good MN’s goals is to make it easy to make healthy choices.  To do this, we’re creating opportunities for people to be active and providing encouragement to those who take steps to be active.

For example, CentraCare Health hosts the annual Earth Day Run in St. Cloud, which is taking place April 21. This includes:

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·        A kids 5k walk/run and kids 1k, which takes place April 20th and will have more than 500 kids participating.

·        A half marathon and half marathon relay which is taking place April 21.  This year, more than 4,000 runners participated in various Earth Day Run events.

But you don’t have to run a half marathon to be active. Experts recommend getting 160 minutes of activity per week, which can include things like walking, gardening and even simply taking the stairs. To celebrate the many different ways people can make lifestyle changes to be more healthy, we’re launching the Feeling Good MN mobile unit, which you will see in the Greater St. Cloud area this summer. The Feeling Good MN mobile unit – which has generously been donated by McKay Dodge in St. Cloud – will be easy to spot as it pays special visits to people who are taking steps to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Here’s how it works: Beginning today, we are asking people in the greater St. Cloud area to visit our website and nominate someone who has made, or is making a lifestyle change to improve their health. It can be someone training for their first 5K or marathon, or someone who’s trying to quit smoking, or someone who is working to be healthier so they have more energy to play with their grandkids – whatever it is, we want to hear the inspiring stories from throughout Central Minnesota.

Beginning in June, Feeling Good MN will choose one lucky winner each month that will get a surprise visit from the Feeling Good MN mobile unit. Each winner will receive a care package full of special gifts, all for taking steps toward being healthier. So if you know someone  - a family member, friend or co-worker – who’s taking steps to improve his or her health, we want to hear about it.

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To nominate someone, all you have to do is go to Feelinggoodmn.org, and share why you feel they deserve to be recognized. Then, each month, like the Publisher’s Clearinghouse (without the millions), we’ll surprise one lucky person to recognize, celebrate and reward them for living a healthy lifestyle.

Earth Day Run activities and results: www.runearthday.com

Earth Day Run – event highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4clcfT1vxM&t=36s

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